About our store

Thank you for visiting the El Shaddai Store, we have started this business venture to try and become a little more self sufficient. El Shaddai GETS 100% of the profits.

The first products we are selling are a beautiful line of high quality of socks by Point Zero, a very reputable company from Canada. Many of the socks are made in South Korea and China , are 80 % cotton or 80% bamboo ( made from Rayon). 

In the future we will be adding Silver coins, Royal Doulton figurines, and also when available, products made in Swaziland. 

Many other products can be added,  so if you have business with products that we can profit from and that can be easily shipped then please do contact us.  

Funds coming in through this venture will go to education for the children and some of the day to day expenses it takes to run the orphanage.  

If you are trying to order but shipping is not showing for your country, please send us a message. Some countries postage takes a long time, and is very unreliable.